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Another panorama flyer illustration. :)
panorama-ottbettina- (5)

Some studies

elephant ott bettina studybird of prey ott bettina studybubbles ott bettina studyglass ott bettina study

Elephant / Elefant ->

Red bubbles / rote bubbles ->

Glass and ice / Glas und Eis ->

Bird of prey / Greifvogel ->

I love pencils!

Ice Dragon Tribals – yup

:D the title knows it all.
Einfaches RGB

fluffy harpy

Just like a plushie…. but not as cute.

Another panorama illustration for the flyer series. More to come..
panorama-ottbettina- (4)

Dragon Spirit

I hope you have a nice weekend. :)

This is very old, it is a human form of the FFX Ifrit. (headband = horns). I used a reference photo for the pose.

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