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Ice Dragon Tribals – yup

:D the title knows it all.
Einfaches RGB


fluffy harpy

Just like a plushie…. but not as cute.

Another panorama illustration for the flyer series. More to come..
panorama-ottbettina- (4)

Dragon Spirit

I hope you have a nice weekend. :)


There are a few things that I want to fix on this piece…. if I do then I’ll make sure to post an update here.

hand sketch practise

Art-Tip: Hands are a nightmare to most artists, but they are not so bad really. Even if you struggle to get them right, it’s ok if they don’t turn out great or perfect for quite a while, just keep drawing them even if you think they suck. Many young artists cover hands up with clothes, hair or just hide them behind the character, but this way you will never draw better hands! Just draw them even if it’s difficult, at some point you will draw hands that you are actually proud of…. it’s difficult and takes time, but just not drawing hands, really isn’t the right way!
Have fun drawing!



a (5) - Kopie

… bird / … Vogel

a (3) - Kopie

a (22)

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